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Christmas Letter 2008

Dear Partners in Prayer,

In our small group meetings at church we often sang this praise song in our small groups, which culminates at the last verse with a great proclamation for Easter, Jesus rising from the grave.  Many of you know it, I’m sure.

“I looked up and I saw my Lord a’coming
I looked up and I saw my Lord a’coming down the road.
Alleluia, He is coming
Alleluia, He is near
Alleluia, He is coming
Alleluia, He is here.”

However, this beginning verse is so very appropriate to the beginning of our Liturgical Church year at Advent and Christmas.  We are expecting Jesus, and, indeed, He is here.  We do not see Him coming down the road but in the manger as a tiny infant.   However, we must remember that we cannot keep Jesus in the crib.  This baby will grow and meet life head on, and he will remain true to the purpose for which He was sent by God, which is our salvation.  He will meet opposition, have the tide of public opinion turn against Him, and be killed by the authorities by crucifixion. How horrible, yet how great it is that we have read the entire book and know the rest of the story.  Jesus cannot be kept in a crib and He cannot be kept in a box.  “Alleluia, Alleluia, death is not the end, Spring will break through the Winter, love will come again”.

For now let’s not think about this baby’s future, but come and adore Him while He is a child, and take Him into our hearts and follow Him all the days of our lives as He grows into manhood and proclaims, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father but through me”.  This is wonderful and it is indeed Good News.  Our Savior is here at last, our long expected Jesus, the Christ, Emmanuel, God with us!
Alleluia, He is here!  O come, let us adore Him.

A very blessed Christmas to each one of you.



William C. Williams
President, US Council, AFP


"Come Holy Spirit, Come! Come as the fire and burn, come as the wind and cleanse, come as the light and reveal!"


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