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Easter 2008

Dear Partners in Prayer,

In a few weeks the Great Procession, as so named by the Rt. Rev. Donald M. Hultstrand, will begin all across the many time zones to continue and complete the Easter Day celebrations by Christians around the globe. As day dawns in country after country Christians everywhere will be greeting each other with joyful Alleluias.

Television stations show New Year’s Eve celebrations as they happen in one country after another as the ”magical” time of midnight arrives and the fireworks begin ushering in the new year. How wonderful if these same stations would give equal time to the celebrations of Easter Day and Christ’s Resurrection as it happens across the world. True, not every country is known as a Christian country, but there are Christians in every country, and televising the various celebrations, even in countries where Christians are in the extreme minority, would make for great television journalism.

Concerning Bishop Hultstrand, we have some exciting news to tell! In June he will be leading the Spirituality Conference at Kanuga, the beautiful conference center in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. For those of you who have attended AFP conferences in the past, you know what a special experience will be in store as this outstanding teacher on prayer and former Executive Director of the AFP leads us from his depth of knowledge and experience. The dates are June 8-13, 2008. Call Kanuge at 1-828-692-9136 for more information and a registration form, or download a form from <> at "Spirituality Conference." We would love to see you there.

From Kanuga's brochure: Take a break from your everyday life to focus on your spiritual one. The Rt. Rev. Donald M Hultstrand, retired bishop of Springfield, IL, will keynote this conference, focusing on Christ’s teaching about the dimensions of the spiritual life, including a Father who hears and cares, forgiveness, childlikeness, relinquishment, trust and wholeness (holiness). From Christ Church, Greenville, SC: Chaplain, the Rev. Ted Duvall; Musician, Paige Grimball; Coordinator, Lou O'Brien.

Please visit our website at <>, and send us your Email address if you would like more frequent communication from AFP. Also: although we did not send an end-of-the year appeal letter, we want to assure you how much we need and value your support as we continue our ministry of promoting prayer. Donations of any amount are always welcomed and much appreciated.



William C. Williams, President





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