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Epiphany 2009

Dear Partners in Prayer,

In Christian terms Epiphany is the third season of the liturgical church year, the first Sunday after the Season of Christmas. There are several themes we celebrate during this season.  Among them is the theme of the Magi coming to pay their respects to the baby Jesus.  We call this the time when Jesus was manifested to the Gentiles.  Also among the themes we celebrate are the baptism of Jesus and Jesus, the Light of the World.

 The Magi, or Wise Men, came from afar seeking Jesus, not knowing exactly where they were to find Him but still following the leading of a star. Try to picture this momentous event. Wise Men (scripture tells us there were three) came from a very long distance away on camels (and probably along the same route Abraham took from Ur along the Fertile Crescent) with their precious gifts to seek out the one they were told by the stars was born King of the Jews.  No doubt they were tired by the time they arrived at Herod’s court asking where exactly they could find this King.  Here they were, asking one king where they could find another king.  Is it any wonder Herod was upset.  He was king of the entire area, of Jews and Gentiles alike, and here he discovers there is another king in his midst.  Surely the Wise Men noticed that Herod was very concerned and had some ulterior motive in wanting also to know where this baby was to be found. This was confirmed by a dream, and they were wise enough to go home afterwards via another route.

Among the themes of Epiphany the one which impresses me most is the theme of “seeking”.  The Wise Men came seeking.   It was not easy.  It was a long and tiresome journey, but they persisted in their seeking and they were rewarded.  In one of his chapters, “How Can I find God”?, Leslie Weatherhead writes in response, “Do you really want to find Him?”  Indeed, if you really want to find God you will be successful.  The Wise Men proved that as did some Greeks (John 12:20ff.) They came to the Passover Feast seeking Jesus and by asking Philip, who then sought out Andrew, they were led to Jesus.

Yes, SEEKING is the key, and even today wise men and women will still seek Jesus and find Him.   Therefore “Seek and ye shall find…for everyone who seeks finds…
(Matt.7:7-8).  I wish for you a wonderful experience of seeking Jesus this Epiphany season, be it seeking Jesus anew or for a deepening of your relationship with Him.



William C. Williams, MD
President, Anglican Fellowship of Prayer


"Come Holy Spirit, Come! Come as the fire and burn, come as the wind and cleanse, come as the light and reveal!"


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