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March 21, 2007

Dear Partners in Prayer,

This is my first communication to you since the fall newsletter and appeal letter, and I want to thank you for your prayers and support during this time. It was very encouraging to have received such support. In addition I want to bring you up to date on some changes we have been working on.

As you might imagine, with Mary Hilton’s retirement as our Executive Director and Executive Secretary, things have been somewhat different in the life of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer. Your U.S. Council has just recently gone through a period of discernment, and, realizing that Mary Hilton is a tough act to follow, decided to become an all volunteer organization without the services of an Executive Director. I am staying on as president, Mary Leberknight continues to be recording secretary and Celinda Scott is corresponding secretary and website coordinator. Other council members are Robert Barry and the Rev. Paula Claire Hall. Our treasurer, a CPA, is Samuel D. Scott. We come from all across the country: Virginia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Illinois and Idaho.

Most of you probably know that since Mary’s retirement we have relocated our office to Pennsylvania. Please send all correspondence and donations to: Anglican Fellowship of Prayer, 1106 Mansfield Ave., Indiana, PA 15701. Telephone us at 724-463-6436.

Along with most of the rest of the world,we are moving more and more into the electronic mode, so most of our correspondence with you will now be done via E-mail. If you have access to a computer please send your E-mail address and any questions to <> so that we might get information to you quickly and in a timely fashion. Thanks for your help with this as this will help keep us in closer communion with each other. Our website is Please visit.

Because of space limitations, available personnel and other reasons, we are discontinuing the book table aspect of our ministry and will be liquidating our book inventory. Watch for details about this soon for some special buys.

When AFP was begun in 1958 Bishop Pardue suggested the name Anglican Fellowship of Payer because he visualized involving 70 million other Anglicans in the Anglican Communion in prayer. With your help and with the help of the Lord we will continue to pursue that vision.

In His Name,

William C. Williams


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