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The AFP emblem depicts the world, held in praying hands and raised to the Holy Spirit, which is represented by a Dove descending  toward the world.

The Prayer Network

Submit Your Prayer Requests

Prayer partners within the AFP prayer network will pray for your needs or for the needs of others for whom you wish intercessory prayers.

Send an e-mail prayer request and prayer warriors will pray your request daily for up to 2 weeks. Please include the Christian name (no last name) of the person for whom the prayers are desired.

If you wish continued prayer after this period please make a follow-up request, preferably with a status update. May God bless you.

Join Our Prayer Warriors

Prayer requests received on the web site are forwarded to our prayer coordinator as they are received. He forwards them on to our prayer partners, the pray-ers. Prayer partners pray intercessory prayer requests we receive for approximately 2 weeks, unless the request is renewed. Our prayer coordinator maintains and distributes a summary list of prayer requests to each of our pray-ers and updates it approximately every 2 weeks.

What we hope our pray-ers will do is to include these names and requests in their daily devotions. We are not trying to make this burdensome, but we do ask that you try to pray for these folks daily. If you are in a prayer group, you can hold these intercessions up with the group as well. We welcome all Christian prayer warriors, not just those from the Anglican tradition.

This is not a commitment forever. If you decide to join with us and find that this ministry is not what you are being called to do, then just e-mail our coordinator to remove you from the pray-ers list. Whatever you decide, we and the Lord will accept. We are grateful that you will try this with us. We know that it is meaningful to those asking for our prayers. Many times we receive notes of humble gratitude for what we are doing, and sometimes news of God's miracles working in their lives. Often these are forwarded on to our pray-ers. If you are interested in participating in this phase of our ministry, please send an e-mail, including your name, church affiliation, and geographical location (e.g., city and state or province and country) to our prayer coordinator, and he will provide you with a current list of requests and answer any additional questions you might have.

Thanks and may God bless you.


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