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The AFP emblem depicts the world, held in praying hands and raised to the Holy Spirit, which is represented by a Dove descending  toward the world.



“The Providence of God means that with God there is always, even in the bleakest of circumstances, another possibility. A creative, a hopeful, a life giving possibility. That is why prayer matters—not because it is like rubbing a rabbit’s foot or making a wish to get what we want, but because prayer is about daring to consider the creative possibilities of God, and not just the limits of our options.

That is why faith is not an escape from life but a way of deeper engagement to discover creative possibilities.

That is why miracles are not the magical manipulation of the cosmos but the unveiling of creative possibilities not noticed or previously envisioned. That is why hope endures. It never gives up. For with God there is always another possibility.

And that is why, in the end, love wins.”

The Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop, consecrated in November of 2015, in Songs My Grandma Sang, pg.77. © Church Publishing Inc., New York, NY 10016.


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