When using this prayer, feel free to make it personal as you pray for people and places familiar to you.

O God, the source of all knowledge and truth: we pray for the education of our children and young people as they begin another year in the classroom, whether in a public or private school or at home.

We pray for all students (especially N. and N.) May the Holy Spirit move them to have open minds, a thirst for learning, and a healthy and safe environment in which to study. Strengthen the families from which they come that they may be encouraged in their studies and given the nourishment for strength and focus.

Bless and sustain the faculty members (especially N. and N.) who teach them, the coaches (especially N. and N.) who help them maintain physical fitness and the counselors (especially N. and N.) who guide them. Give wisdom to administrators and school board members to make sound choices, and the communities they serve.

May your angelic protection shield all schools from danger and harm. Uphold all in classrooms as they face into the stresses of our time. For those who struggle and suffer from mental health issues, and those with special needs, be cared for and loved.

May your divine presence dwell in our schools so that our children and young people find many ways to grow, not only in human knowledge, but in the knowledge and love of you as revealed in Jesus Christ, the Teacher of the deepest truth. Amen.