Almighty God, ruler of all in heaven and earth, the source of human authority and government: we bless and praise you for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States of America.

We give thanks for the courage and perseverance of those who, in wisdom, shaped the Constitution that has shaped our national life, and the lives of all who are citizens. We honor the memory and the presence of those who inhabited this land long before others came to these shores from distant lands, people seeking freedom, and enslaved people whose freedom was righty given.

On this Independence Day, send your Holy Spirit to use our freedom with wisdom and compassion. Help us to understand the rights we have as citizens, knowing the sacred responsibility in exercising these rights.

Make us mindful that we have a citizenship in heaven that guides us in the stewardship of the land in and on which we live, and our mutual love for our neighbors and communities; in the holy name of Jesus Christ, who governs our souls now and evermore. Amen.