National Day of PrayerThen-President Harry S. Truman issued the first call for a National Day of Prayer in the United States on July 4, 1952. This day has continued to be observed ever since. The observance now happens annually on the first Thursday in May.

The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer invites people of every nation to be in prayer (in a non-political or partisan way) for the governance and life of your nation.

O God of every race and nation, Creator and Ruler of the world in which we live and the life that we enjoy: we pray for your Holy Spirit to guide those who govern the nation in which we live. Let your Spirit geode those who lead the state/province/territory where we make our home, and the city/town/village where we dwell. May we know justice, peace and grace in all legislation and policy. Heal the divisions that bring harm or danger and strengthen us to participate actively in our civic life. 

Protect the lives of those who protect us: the members of the military, those in law enforcement and first responders, and those who help us in times of natural disaster.

Bless and guide those who educate our children, and who promote lifelong learning and the development of our spiritual gifts and our skills.

Strengthen and uphold our spiritual guides in our places of worship, that we may find spiritual growth and courage to carry out your will and desire for our communities.

Be present to us each day, Almighty God, that we may following the holy steps of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.